Ron Rodgers

A Message To My Fans

Thanks for hanging in there while I took some time off to be a dad. My little guy is growing up to be a much better looking version of me! He is by far and away a "music baby" and will for sure be on the stage with me in the not so distant future (as long as he wants to be).

The down time gave me plenty of opportunities to stack ideas for new songs, and the experience of becoming a father for the first time as introduced a lot of new emotions, which of course brings new ideas as well.

I have discovered that the "bar scene" is no longer something I enjoy, so the majority of my shows from now on will be community events, private parties, and other "family friendly" environments. This is all new to me, and I look forward to the challenges that come with being a band that doesn't play bars!

While I was away, music kept trying to pull me back in. I'm glad to be back, and blessed to have a wonderful family to share this experience with, and I'm grateful for my fans who support my music.